Masking paper

Strong elastic paper without pores is designed for covering adjacent areas of car body parts being painted.  Allows easy and reliable masking of complex surfaces. It does not make fluff. Reliably protects the surface from paintwork penetration. Holds the overspray preventing its ingress to the freshly painted surface. Made of 100% natural cellulose.

Main technical characteristics:

- Grammage: 42 g/m2 ± 2

- Thickness: 60-70 µm

- Thermal resistance up to 200oС

Dispensers for masking paper

The dispensers allow performing masking works fast and easy. Large wheels ensure easy dispenser moving around the shop even when heavy rolls are used. Rubber-coated feet securely fix the dispenser in a working position. The unwinding mechanisms of the dispensers are equipped with a cutting knife and a brake preventing accidental unwinding. The design of the dispensers makes it possible to automatically apply the masking tape to the edge of the paper when unwinding. The dispensers are reliable and durable in use and coated with powder paint.

Masking tapes for auto repair

The adhesive tapes for auto repair are made of exclusively high-quality European raw materials using modern production machinery. The tapes have high flexibility, strength and temperature resistance and do not leave any traces of adhesive after removal. The masking tapes are compatible with all modern paint systems, particularly with waterborne paints. The tape can have any width and length. Tapes are wound on a personalized cardboard cores with applied customer's logo. The tapes can be packed in shrink film in a set of several pieces or separately with an attached label for sale through retail network.

Top level

- water resistant, suitable for wet sanding

- temperature resistance: up to 120°C

- excellent tape-to-tape adhesion

- color: lemon yellow

High level

- water resistant, suitable for wet sanding

- temperature resistance: up to 100°C

- excellent tape-to-tape adhesion

- color: dark brown


- temperature resistance: up to 100°C

- excellent tape-to-tape adhesion

- color: blue


- temperature resistance: up to 80°C

- excellent tape-to-tape adhesion

- color: beige

Double-sided adhesive tape

We are engaged in the conversion of double-sided adhesive tapes produced by Saint Gobain, the recognized leader of this segment.

Double-sided PE adhesive tape

This tape is specially designed for creating reliable connections used under hard operating conditions (vibration, corrosive environment, temperature differences), e.g. for attaching balancing weights to wheel rims.

The tape can have any width and length. The tapes are wound on cardboard cores with your logo (internal diameter 76.2 mm).

Main characteristics of NORBOND 3030 tape :

Backing Foamed polyethylene
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 0.8 mm
Breaking force 1600 kPa
Backing color black
Liner color blue
Adhesive force 20N / 25 mm
Long-term operating temperature from -40 to +50°C
Minimum application temperature -10°C

Main advantages:

  1. High instant adhesion after minimal surface preparation.
  2. The tape creates a reliable connection in the conditions of negative environment temperature.
  3. High adhesive ability and elasticity of the foamed backing of the tape ensures compensation of unevenness of the surfaces to be bonded providing even greater strength to the connection.
  4. Suitable for work with wide variety of materials: all metals, most of plastics, painted and primed surfaces, as well as glass, ceramics, various kinds of prepared wood and laminated panels.

Cardboard cores

Carton spiral-wound cores are designed for winding on any roll materials. The products are made of high quality raw materials using modern automatic equipment. The combination of different grades of cardboard, paper and glue makes it possible to manufacture products having optimal price-quality ratio and the required strength characteristics.

Main characteristics:

- inside diameter: 20-100 mm

- wall thickness: 1-10 mm

- length: 10-6000 mm

Additional options:

- Printing on the outer and inner surfaces

- Manufacture of the outer and inner layers of the core in any color

Plastic plug for cardboard cores

Plugs are intended for use with cardboard cores with diameter of 76.2 mm. Using plugs ensures protection of rolls against deformation during transportation and storage and also provides easy unwinding of rolls installed on dispensers. Plugs are made of high-quality natural plastic and have uniform color.